Base Specs

Weight                Length      Top Sq.     Bottom Sq.    Common Applic.

24 kg (53 lbs)        L=12"          6" sq.           8"sq.            asphalted islands **

37 kg (81 lbs)        L=18"          6" sq.           9"sq.            standard city base

46 kg (101 lbs)      L=20"          6" sq.         10"sq.            hwy/urban cities base

85 kg (185 lbs)      L=23"          8" sq.         12" sq.           hwy/urban cities base

175kg (385 lbs)     L=24"         11"sq.         17" sq.           wind/snow loads 

295kg (650 lbs)     L=24"         12"sq.         24"sq.            wind/snow loads

395kg (869 lbs)     L=29"        12" sq.         24" sq.           cantilever signs

** for use in applications with low lying obstructures limiting the depth for burial - note this base intended for use with concrete patch -to secure the base.

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