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Concrete base with extended sleeve was designed for the use with paver stones. The extended sleeve allows for space for the installation of pavers without hindering the use of the break-away sleeve. The sleeve extends approx. 5 1/2" above the concrete. Available for use with the pipe sign post, weight 32 kg and 24 kg.

Wood Post Base

These concrete bases are ideal for wood fences. They are available for 3 1/2" sq wood post or 4" sq wood post. There is no more waiting on ready set to harden, just dig your hole, drop your base in and install the wood post with two 3/8' nut and bolt.

Wood Post


Notice how the wood post is elevated off the concrete base by 1/8"to 1/4". This prevents the wood post from drawing any moisture from the base which ultimately adds longevity to the wood post. These bases are available in 46 kg weight and dimensions.

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